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As a new material manufacturer specialized in the production of high-performance specialty ion exchange resins, Hebei Lijiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of resin materials and products. Committed to supplying quality industrial grade, food grade, pharmaceutical grade and nuclear grade resins, we have received the certifications including ISO9001, SGS and WQA, and have been granted Chinese Food Hygiene License. Moreover, our food grade resin products have been deemed FDA-compliant.
Relying on our technological strengths, we are capable of customizing specialty resin products meeting specific needs, and providing point-to-point solutions. Our products have had application in extensive fields including water pollution control, high-purity water treatment, Chinese and Western medicine extraction, biopharmaceutics, blood perfusion, new agricultural technologies, new material nano-coatings, as well as refining of rare and precious metals.
Hebei Lijiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will persistently strive for a leading position in technological reforms and innovations, and align ourselves with customers’ expectations. Also adhering to the business philosophy of honesty and mutual benefit, we will make constant efforts to tap the potentials and improve the quality of our products. Customers from various industries are welcome to join hands with us to create a brilliant future!

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