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The company has always adhered to the development strategy of combining production, learning and research, and has established an efficient and innovative R&D team. Hire Professor Zuoqing Shi from the Department of Chemistry of Nankai University and member of the National Department of Chemistry as the honorary chairman and general technical adviser of the company, and continue to carry out technical exchanges and cooperation with Nankai University, Nanjing University, University of Science and Technology and other research institutions and related research institutions Established a synthesis laboratory, product evaluation laboratory, application laboratory, and life science laboratory in cooperation with several major scientific research institutions affiliated to Nankai University, forming a broad subject of technical support and a source of research and development.
At present, Lijiang Company has the largest ion exchange resin engineering technology research center in North China and Xingtai City Enterprise Technology Center, serving as a platform for high-tech enterprises in Hebei Province, labor introduction workstations, Xingtai high-end talent entrepreneurship base, and Xingtai Wei County Innovation Incubation Park. It has absorbed a large number of scientific and technological leaders in the ion exchange resin industry and the medical device industry to escort Lijiang's technology application and development.
Shi Zuoqing graduated from the Department of Chemistry of Nankai University in 1962. After graduation, he stayed in school and has long been engaged in scientific research and teaching in functional polymers. In 1993, he was awarded the title of Tianjin young and middle-aged expert (polymer chemistry expert). He was the director of the Institute of Polymer Chemistry of Nankai University and a doctoral supervisor. Professor Shi is an internationally renowned polymer expert who has made a series of important academic achievements, published more than 110 papers and written many monographs. He has successively won the National Natural Science Second Prize, DuPont Science and Technology Innovation Award and 7 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards. Since 1980, he has been engaged in basic research on the synthesis, structure and performance of new ion exchange resins and adsorption resins. Focusing on medical research on functional polymer materials, he has developed a variety of functional polymer materials with independent intellectual property rights, including selective adsorption resins, Solid-phase synthesis of carrier resin, immobilized enzyme carrier resin, polymer chromatography packing, etc., and realized the industrialization of scientific research results.

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